Friday, August 13, 2010

Strawberry Banana Pie

Uh.mmmm !!! It’s So yummy ,tasty ……can’t resist my sweet tooth ,want to have one more bite. .. ha.. It is really looking so yummy . It is one of the Strawberry and Banana Pie that I am telling you about.

While we are moving from California to Atlanta, one of neighbours who used to stay beside my home , she gave this as a small remembrance token. It is really so yummy…and me and R have completed half of the Pie in nothing less than half an hour. Next day I shared the pie to my dearest friends N and P .So over all, we all gave a big publicity to that Pie shop (Polly’s Pie). Just thought of sharing with you all the pie…Have a look at it…

See the fresh strawberries.......... looks so yummy..........uhmmmmmm..

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