Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alu bonda


· Boiled and Mashed Aloo (Potatoes)- 2 large
· Boiled frozen Peas -1 small cup
· Besan – 2 cups
· Oil for frying
· Green Chillies – 2 ,chopped
· Coriander leaves – 1 tbsp, finely chopped
· Garam masala – ¼ tsp
· Salt to taste
· Red chilli powder- to taste
· Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp
· Ajwain /Vamu -2tsp
· Ginger -1 inch piece


· Take a small bowl and put the besan flour in that and add red chilli powder, salt, ajwain and turmeric powder and add water to the batter to get the consistency and form like a batter.
· Boil the potatoes and peas with a little bit of salt and mash them.
· Grind the green chillies and ginger, now mix them in the mashed potatoes mixture and add the chopped coriander leaves.
· Roll the mixture into small balls and mix into the batter.
· Take the heavy bottomed skillet and add oil to it and heat it for deep frying.
· Dip the potato mixture into the batter and put them into oil and fry them deeply / until they are in golden brown in colour
· Remove them and put in on a paper towel so that they will absorb the oil.
· Serve them hot with mint chutney/ tamarind chutney.

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