Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is one of the most delicious and mouth watering snack .This is one of my all time favourite snacks. . Once you eat this snack u will not leave this. It’s so crunchy and tasty. Let us look at the recipe:   
· Rice Flour – 1 cup
· Yellow moong dal/ pesara pappu – ¼ tbsp
· Cumin seeds – 2 tsp
· Red Chilli powder – 1tsp
· Water – 1 cup
· Oil – 1/2 tbsp
· Salt to taste
· Oil for deep frying


· Take a small cup and soak the moong dal for 5 -10 mts .
· Take a vessel and boil the water, add salt to it and add the soaked moong dal to it.
· Add the rice flour slowly and combine it with water by stirring it and ensure that there are no lumps formed in it.
· Turn off the heat immediately, cover it with lid and keep it a side, let it cool.
· Once the mixture is cool, now add red chilli powder, cumin seeds and combine with the rice flour.
· Knead the dough till it is soft.
· By applying little bit of oil to hands and fingers knead once again the dough and make into small lemon size balls.
· Now roll each ball like a rope of approximately 4 inches in length and now form that rope like a ring.
· Press the edges firmly to form a ring/ chegodi shape. Prepare all the other balls also like this.
· Now, heat a heavy bottomed vessel with oil sufficient enough for deep frying. Once the oil is heat enough for frying, place the chegodis slowly into the oil. Don’t overlap the chegodis.
· Let the chegodis fry under a medium flame till you get the golden brown colour shade.
· When they turn golden brown shade slowly turn them over and cook them once again.
· Finally, remove them onto a paper towel/ tissue paper to absorb the oil.
· Let them cool for 10 min. and place them in an air tight container to remain that crunchiness.
· Serve them as snacks in the afternoon / eve / at any time.

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