Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nimmakaya Karam

Lemons in Telugu are called as Nimmakaya. We all know different pickles with lemon. But this is       Andhra special. This is an instant pickle which can be prepared with 10 min. Will be very tasty along with hot rice and ghee (or) with garalu/vada.I have first tasted this in my aunt’s house and asked her the recipe, but I lost the recipe and started searching the recipe and finally found at and    tried once and it turned it well. So without further delaying, here goes the recipe:
Recipe Adapted from
·   Juice of Lemons – 5 
·   Salt to taste
·   Channa Dal (senaga pappu)- 1 tbsp
·   Urad dal (Minapa Pappu)- 1 tbsp
·   Red chillies - 5
·   Fenugreek (Menthulu)- 1/2 tbsp
·   Mustard seeds (Avalu)- 1/2 tbsp
·   Asafoetida (Ingunva)
·   Oil – 1/2 tbsp
·   Fry all ingredients except lemon juice and salt in oil. 
·   Allow it to cool. Grind to a fine paste or powder.
·   Add lemon juice and salt.  

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